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An Introduction to the Intrepid Adventurers

We aren't strangers to travel, having travelled with friends through Mozambique and Botswana, as well as organising a nine-month expedition with 14 other members, from South Africa to the United Kingdom in 1994/1995.  However, we have never done anything quite this adventurous before and we thought you might find it interesting to know a little bit more about a husband and wife team who were willing to pack it all in and see the world...

We live in Barton-in-Fabis which is a lovely little village south of Nottingham.  It has a strong sense of community and we have left behind good friends and neighbours.  We both worked for Boots The Chemists at the head office in Beeston, and are looking forward to skipping the office routine for a while.  We participate equally in playing and socialising at the Nottingham Squash Rackets Club in the Park and will miss our friends very much.


  Michael Groves Sandy Methven
Age: 41 33
History: I must've inherited the travel bug from my parents; their exploits include travelling through Africa, backpacking through Europe, sailing around the world for two years, and living in various countries throughout the world.

All six of us (their children) have travelled, and live fairly scattered around the world.

I grew up in Zimbabwe. My family loved camping and the outdoors has always been an integral part of my life.  However, I didn't know what real adventure travel was until I met Michael...  

I have one sister (Karen Lea) and my late brother (Iain Methven).  I spent my teenage years and early career in South Africa, where my love affair with Africa and the bush continued.

  A redundancy drive at Boots saw the end of  my five years career there, coinciding fortuitously with our departure...

I have a background in Information Technology, though more recently working on Business Development (analysing prospective business ventures for Boots to participate in).

Head of Marketing for Boots Wellbeing Services.  (Now on a two-year career break!)
Favourite things: Being master of my own destiny... Being with family and friends. Eating chocolate. Playing squash (to work off the chocolate). Badminton. Dancing and singing (in that order, after a bout of drinking). Travelling at dusk - that quiet time when the light gives everything that beautiful glow and the world seems perfect.
Other: Sandy likes to write more than I do. I will miss our two cats Kilimanjaro and Tokolosh (who have been re-homed with a friend).

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